Worth-Based Communicationsm

The premise of our service offerings is that people want to work with people they like and trust. We coach clients in raising awareness and building skills to develop long-lasting, trusting relationships. Moreover, we have found that motivation is more important than technique toward building those relationships. Worth-based fundamentals are the underpinning of all of our service offerings.

What Some of Our Clients in Various Industries Say about Us:


"We leveraged the Strathman Associates approach by driving the learning deep into our management team. Our team members now communicate with more awareness, clarity and trust. We also set communication goals, are more direct and open to feedback...and I believe we're getting work done faster."

Jody Davids, former Executive VP, Global Shared Services and Chief Information Officer, Cardinal Health

"I just want to let you know how pleased we are with our association with Strathman Associates and with the results we are seeing from the Reclaiming the Spirit series. Many participants are taking the concepts, skills and tools of worth-based leadership to heart, are becoming more self-aware and are changing the way they build relationships with others. I wish I could tell you all the wonderful stories I've heard in coaching calls. I truly have never been a part of any programming that has shown this degree of impact. I'm looking forward to continuing to learn and grow together."

Jean Burgmeier, RN, Organizational Development Coordinator, Premier Health Partners, Dayton, OH

"Our long-standing association with Strathman Associates has helped to move Children's into a true leadership role within the healthcare community. Communication was, is, and probably always will be, at the heart of quality care. You have helped so many of our medical and hospital staff to improve their skills, thereby enhancing their effectiveness as leaders. Ultimately we steadfastly believe that this in turn helps the children of central Ohio."

Karen E. Heiser, Ph. D., Vice President, Nationwide Children's Hospital, OH

"The National meeting was successful beyond my expectations. We had almost 450 stores represented with over 1200 people in attendance. The four presentations in the business meeting were greeted with broad acceptance and excitement. After Terry's wrap-up, the audience gave us a standing ovation. Your instruction and coaching absolutely made the difference."

William Rampy, The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies (a Cardinal Health Company), St. Louis, MO

Financial Services

"Learning to be a more aware and effective communicator opened me up to a whole new set of possibilities as a leader. Working with a Strathman Associates coach helped me to re-focus on the importance of communication. With awareness and clarity about my message and expectations, I have found smoother sailing in my interactions with others and my ability to move them faster toward our mutual goals. The key is to stay aware, listen, and watch those with whom you communicate because that's where the opportunities are."

Rene' Jones, Chairman & CEO, M&T Bank Corporation, Buffalo, NY

Software Development

"We love it! People want to learn and that supports one of the bullets on our vision statement 'Be a Learning Organization' ... In short, people are learning to be better communicators as well as learning technical/business skills. It's awesome! We continue to encourage the presenters to use the tools they gained from the Team Dynamics training as they present and it is paying off."

Ruth Ann Ellerbrock, Chief Operating Officer, Plumbline Solutions, Findlay, OH


"As I've stated many times, I believe in what you and your company teach. It's obvious that you share the same passion for your craft as I do for mine; you are excellent at what you do."

Shawn Little, National Sales Manager, VEGA Americas, Cincinnati, OH

"We received many compliments for the delivery of our messages during the Quest For Excellence Conference. The continuous theme was how clear, sharp, aligned and consistent our messages were. We heard comments like: 'You folks were the best' and 'How do you guys do it?'. We'd say that is high praise!"

Paul Worstell, President, and Eric Franks, Manager, Technology and Quality Assurance, PRO-TEC Coating Co., 2007 Malcolm Baldrige Award Recipient, Leipsic, OH

"Our work with Strathman Associates provided our staff with a common language for communicating new ideas and building consensus. As a result, our decision-making is more effective in meeting the needs of our members."

Eric L. Burkland, President, The Ohio Manufacturers' Association

Law Firms

"Strathman Associates offers a wonderful strategy for improving the skills you use everyday with techniques that become invaluable. It's like having a personal trainer to improve your communication skills."

William P. Farrall, Partner, Reminger & Reminger, LPA, Cleveland, OH